Fashionistas have proven their love for corsets season after season and Rendoll has

decided to let corsets work their way into our new collection. In today's post, Reni has styled our new corsets - Nabila, Kara and Samiya in 14 different ways, displaying the versatility of these blouses.

1. The Nabila Corset

Crafted from this black brocade/jaquard fabric, Nabila is the perfect combination of feminine silhouettes and romantic details. She cynches your waist and highlights your decolletage. She features a slim fit bodice, a sweetheart neckline and peplum accents. Nabila can be worn as a wedding guest, to dinner parties, cocktail evenings, you name it.


Ripped jeans have proven themselves to be very versatile and easy to style. If you're looking for the perfect top to elevate your casual denim look into a sexy and sophisticated look, Nabila is the girl for you! You can also style her with bold and bright colours like this orange leather skirt, yellow midi denim skirt or the burgundy tailored pants. Nabila also works by layering her with other pieces. Wear her over a white shirt or a lace bodysuit because every outfit is more fascinating when you add a third piece.

Dupe Skirt Black Heels Distressed Jeans Mules

Dupe Skirt White Mules Dupe Trousers Dupe Bodysuit

Dupe Shirt Dupe Trousers Dupe Trousers

2. The Kara Corset

Crafted from fabric we've repurposed from previous collections in a bid to practice a zero-waste policy, Kara features a one shoulder lace detail. She cynches your waist and highlights your decolletage.


Dupe Trousers Dupe Trousers White Mules Dupe Mules

Dupe trousers Dupe Skirt

3. The Samiya Corset